Oakland Unified School District 35th Annual Dr. King Oratorical Festival

All Oakland students from kindergarten through grade twelve must be provided the opportunity to participate in competition.


All Entries are to originate from the school site.


Online Registration Required


No coaching by students, parents, or teachers during the individual or group presentations.


Event Overview


Rules and Scoring




Registration Forms


District Student  Form


Non-District Student Form


Site Coordinator Form


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Important Information

 Each school site is allowed a maximum of 4 entries with no more than two chorals.  A choral is a group of 2 or more students. There are (4) categories: Individual Poetry, Original Poetry, Famous Speeches, and Choral Speaking/Dramatic Skit.


  Grade level division:

• K-2

• 3-5

• 6-8

• 9-12



Please Note: Ordered photographs will be mailed directly  to the address provided.  If you did not provide an address on the order form please       call: (510) 326-5078.

Do you dream in poetry or write rhymes that move people? Have you written at least 3 original poems? Apply to become the City of Oakland “Youth Poet Laureate” for 2014. Poets (age 13-18) who live or attend school in Oakland are invited to apply for this top literary honor. Win a $5000 scholarship, publishing opportunities and join an incredible community of youth writers.


Applications available after February 1. Deadline to apply: Monday April 7, 2014


Learn more about the contest at www.oaklandlibrary.org/youth-poet-laureate


                                                  Read More


Important Dates



(All Charter, Private or Continuing Education Schools Read Carefully)


All schools must be located in Oakland.  There is a nominal registration fee of $6.00 per student to cover the cost of the certificates, posters, and awards given to all student participants.





Trophy Pick-Up


Dates: April 9, 10, 11

Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm

OUSD Education Center


4551 Steele St. Portable H

(510) 336-7593


(Important Note: Chorals must be

picked up

by one designated person)


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